About Me

I’m Sarah, a Bristol-based mum of one, well two if you include my husband! I work part time as a secondary school science teacher but when I am not working I enjoy family time, horse riding, cooking and being outside as much as possible. Family life also includes looking after two extremely fluffy cats and one not quite as fluffy horse.

I decided to start blogging about different recipes I have tried because after Alfie son reached the 6 month mark it seemed that most conversations with my mummy friends revolved  around eating and feeding, which did make a welcome change from sleep patterns and milk! We would often talk about different foods and many friends would ask me to share the various recipes I had sourced from a range of places, mostly the internet but also the old school method of cook books. I also thought that by blogging and sharing recipes it would help me to keep trying different things with Alfie and not to get stuck in a Dairylea on toast rut! I hope the recipes help or inspire, especially if your little one is also a little stubborn and prefers self feeding (baby led weaning) to being spoon fed.

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